Kuryakyn Driving Lightbar

This is one of the more enlightening products you can add to your motorcycle. The bar is die-cast & chrome-plated for stunning goodlooks. Halogen Silver Bullets are mounted on top to function as driving lights. A band of high-intensityamber L.E.D.'s start in front & wrap around each end of the bar & function as both running lights & auxiliary turn signals. A variety of mounting brackets (sold separately) are available to fit most of today's popular Cruisers.

Note: Installation of this product may be limited with OEM Turn Signals in stock location for some applications.
Important information: 
To avoid overloading existing circuits, we recommend using our Wiring & Relay Kit (P/N KA2328) when connecting the Silver Bullets. L.E.D. auxiliary turn signals are not D.O.T. approved & may require Load Equalizer, sold separately. This Light Bar is compatible with most windshields, but does not fit with Memphis Fats. For all applications, the Light Bar is positioned as illustrated in the on-bike image. Before ordering please take a moment to visualize potential interference between our bar & your windshield.

Reference code: KA4001

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