Custom Chrome Fat Boy Light AdjustingMotorcycle Sunglasses by Bobster


The new Fat Boy photochromic sunglasses feature the latest intransitional lens technology. They are precision designed to auto-matically adjust to temperature and amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that reaches the lens. Featuring anti-fog, polycarbonate lenses, the Fat Boy boasts increased comfort and protection with Closed-Cell Foam padding around the eyes. With an aggres- sive, stylish thermo plastic frame, the Fat Boy offers stability and versatility with an edge.

 • Ultimate Convenience - Wear constantly from indoors to out doors, sunny to cloudy or even day to  night, without having to change glasses or lenses.

• Closed Cell Memory Foam - increases comfort by molding to the wearer’s facial contours and returns to original shape after wear. Protects from excess wind and other debris.

• Lenses – Polycarbonate and Anti-Fog.

• Microfiber Pouch – Includes a soft microfiber carrying pouch for convenient storage and protection.

Note: Generally, photochromic lenses do not darken behind windshields due to the UV protection inherent in the glass.







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